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I know I overuse the word, but

Very, very, atmospheric.

I knew you had amazing vocals before this, but this piece really shows them off. You sound very Kim Deal-esque, although you definitely deserve to sing lead.


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Sour-Cherry responds:


Thank you for the Kim Deal reference (She is awesome!!!)
Basically (out of randomness) I thought maybe this would be good for a flash, an adventure/horror type flash. But I suppose randomness can be a good thing, as this is one of the many weird sounding audio clips I've made.


&amp;gt;&amp;gt;As If (Acoustic)&amp;lt;&amp;lt; >>As If (Acoustic)<<

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Very different from the rest of your other songs, tempo, atmosphere, lyrics, structure, mood, and whatnot. The rest of your songs are definitely sad, but kind of a pissed of angry I hate you all type sad.
Maybe you're going through a different period?
Nonetheless, this was pretty good, although the flow was a bit choppy due to the guitar being mainly an accessory to the vocals.
Still very moody. I liked it, and I don't like ballads that much.

Gunshy responds:

"a bit choppy" yes, exactly, right where the music break comes to a crashing halt at the final verse i swear i can hear a car crash when i play it
i like to think of this song as an anti-ballad, because most seem to be about bringing the significant other closer, or wishing he/she/it was closer, whereas this is what it is.
"a different period" hmmm. u may b right. in both senses. after "the brink" i've felt myself simplifying a little bit here, a little bit there... ...but this one... it's like the epitome of what anyone who really knows me would probably expect me to write... at least i think so. spiteful, hateful, rage-filled, rage-fueled growling, paranoid, deep, stubborn, silly... i don't know. sometimes i am this little black ball of sick, sad, rage... so with sadness like some of what this song depicts, i just try not to get too emo-woe-is-me about it in the music in addition to real life. i'm better at the musical side of it. it's kinda paradoxical... singing and pounding ona guitar to try and exorcise emotions and meanwhile subjecting others to them... implanting them with them. weird.
thanks for listening! :)

M.E.A.T.F (Rough copy) M.E.A.T.F (Rough copy)

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Good to hear new stuff from you again.

Well, this seemed less of a song than it did sort of an emotional declaration, or the link between spoken word an music, no offense. I really liked the atmosphere, though, very tortured, and at the same time, very laid back.
I sort of visualized this as someone in a dungeon, if that makes any sense, using sly metaphors to express an extent of pain.
Very free-stylish.

And that opening riff was absolutely great, all the guitar work was great.

Sour-Cherry responds:

No offense taken, in total and utter agreeance there. I visualized a person alone in their bedroom, in their pj's. Sitting in utter darkness, swallowing their sorrow. Well I spose it's like an dungeon ;p.
Thank you for the review

Metal Backround Metal Backround

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As in, if you used synths for this one, they sound more real than the other one.
I liked the effect on the guitar, and the drums were awesome.
Great chord progression, just make it longer next time.


Thegluestickman responds:


&amp;gt;&amp;gt;The Brink&amp;lt;&amp;lt; >>The Brink<<

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I love it. Seriously.

Love is actually not the right word.
Here, this is the analogy to sum up my thoughts:
Pink Floyd: Ross :: The Wall: The Brink.
Monstrous epics that tell tales that only a true master of creativity could think up.
If you die young, THIS is what I would remember you by.
And if anything, I wish it would go on forever, as always, great music and vocal with indescribably awesome lyrics.

Keep it up, you.

Gunshy responds:

omg i love you! in a completely hetero artist-fan way... thanks for jinxing me with the early death comment, but thats nothing i didnt do to myself a long time ago... thanks for the glowing review! but i hope i still got lots of rocking left to do!
and yeah the floyd influence is definitely here... midway thru the production i realized that this is the closest i've ever come to really blending pink floyd & nirvana - always idealistic with the tunes... but kurt hated floyd, let me just re-iterate that. he'd have hated this song, probably, but i'm glad you like it!

Piepa Piepa

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I liked the intro, overdriven and fuzzy. Mudhoney-esque. The verses weren't as cool as the choruses, and singing might have helped. But overall, nice sound.

Aggressive Sludge Aggressive Sludge

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King Buzzo might one day pass his crown onto you...

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TacozRule responds:

Epic Win.

Thanks for listening! :D

This is Called Guitar Lesson This is Called Guitar Lesson

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Been my favorite for a while..

So now I'll write a review. Honestly, this stomps anything that Gunshy has ever, and will ever make. And this is instrumental! It's instrumental and it still beats whatever the hell is at the top of the listings. I love this song, or "amazing feminine noise", so much, that I would masturbate gloriously to this song if it was a girl. Or even a dude. Back to the point, This song is catchy, amazing, deep, and powerful. It makes me want to give up on all my goals in life. It's fantastic.

Our inner kid Our inner kid

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Simple... Yet powerful

It was pretty simple, as far as the instruments go, but that's what you were going for, right? I liked it, somehow it reminded me of Young Link from Ocarina of Time.

Fuoco responds:

I like ocarina of time :D

It was meant to be simple, but I always wanted to compose something complicated keeping a catchy melody. I'd like to see my sheet music full of instruments, full of notes.
I hope Rimsky's guide to orchestration help a little to do that.

I'm glad you liked it!

On my own(with vocals) On my own(with vocals)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it.

I understand that you don't have a whole studio in your room, so I don't mind the fact that the vocals are quiet. The instruments are REAL!!! I fucking hate synths. Great song, great solo, great job. *HI FIVE*