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'Twas alright.

In my opinion, the "gritty reboot", or in this case, reimagining, is a tad overdone these days, but you managed to pull it off alright.

The animation for the most part was pretty solid, although there was too much shearing, or whatever it's called in Flash. The radial in Bowser's face was another aesthetic flaw I couldn't seem to get over.

I do love how you portrayed Toad, however. He went from being a completely useless cunt that you accidentally saved to a supporting character of actual personality and use.

Mario looked like a Goron. Intentional? Either way it's pretty cool.

Anyway yeah it's pretty good overall.

Hahah, this was excellent.

Even though every time I think about the Wal*Mart man, my faith in humanity diminishes greatly, I thought this Flash was amazing.
Animation and story were tops, 5/5.


It was really sad and stuff when Pete was talking about his background and sutff and then he talked about his dream and he won the race and stuff and I cried at the end when he died of cancer but still it was really good and sad

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Oh man..

I love platforming games, and this was no exception.
I loved the rotating you world option, it reminded me of this game on here called Shift.
Graphics were great.
Gameplay worked very well, hardly any freezing.
Andrew's lines were hilarious, by the way.


Reminded me a bit of "The Classroom" series, only with a different concept.

Okay gameplay, graphics were good for this sort of thing, very interactive, blah blah blah Good stuff.

netahsatno responds:

i know but if you played the security series (on addictinggames.com)you'd know what this is more like but hey these kinds of games are classics.

I got the joke.

I got it, I laughed.


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I know I overuse the word, but

Very, very, atmospheric.

I knew you had amazing vocals before this, but this piece really shows them off. You sound very Kim Deal-esque, although you definitely deserve to sing lead.


Sour-Cherry responds:


Thank you for the Kim Deal reference (She is awesome!!!)
Basically (out of randomness) I thought maybe this would be good for a flash, an adventure/horror type flash. But I suppose randomness can be a good thing, as this is one of the many weird sounding audio clips I've made.



Very different from the rest of your other songs, tempo, atmosphere, lyrics, structure, mood, and whatnot. The rest of your songs are definitely sad, but kind of a pissed of angry I hate you all type sad.
Maybe you're going through a different period?
Nonetheless, this was pretty good, although the flow was a bit choppy due to the guitar being mainly an accessory to the vocals.
Still very moody. I liked it, and I don't like ballads that much.

Gunshy responds:

"a bit choppy" yes, exactly, right where the music break comes to a crashing halt at the final verse i swear i can hear a car crash when i play it
i like to think of this song as an anti-ballad, because most seem to be about bringing the significant other closer, or wishing he/she/it was closer, whereas this is what it is.
"a different period" hmmm. u may b right. in both senses. after "the brink" i've felt myself simplifying a little bit here, a little bit there... ...but this one... it's like the epitome of what anyone who really knows me would probably expect me to write... at least i think so. spiteful, hateful, rage-filled, rage-fueled growling, paranoid, deep, stubborn, silly... i don't know. sometimes i am this little black ball of sick, sad, rage... so with sadness like some of what this song depicts, i just try not to get too emo-woe-is-me about it in the music in addition to real life. i'm better at the musical side of it. it's kinda paradoxical... singing and pounding ona guitar to try and exorcise emotions and meanwhile subjecting others to them... implanting them with them. weird.
thanks for listening! :)

Good to hear new stuff from you again.

Well, this seemed less of a song than it did sort of an emotional declaration, or the link between spoken word an music, no offense. I really liked the atmosphere, though, very tortured, and at the same time, very laid back.
I sort of visualized this as someone in a dungeon, if that makes any sense, using sly metaphors to express an extent of pain.
Very free-stylish.

And that opening riff was absolutely great, all the guitar work was great.

Sour-Cherry responds:

No offense taken, in total and utter agreeance there. I visualized a person alone in their bedroom, in their pj's. Sitting in utter darkness, swallowing their sorrow. Well I spose it's like an dungeon ;p.
Thank you for the review

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This image is now burned into my brain

remaining dormant until I masturbate


Goldblum responds:

i appreciate your honesty


I think you're an amazing visual artist, but this, in my opinion is your best. You convey so much meaning and so much emotion through it.

Each time I see it I find it more depressing.

LaserKarl responds:

Thank you very much. This piece was meant to be nothing but negative, so I am very glad you read it as such.

Easily my favourite of yours.

I wish I could rate it higher for effect, because this piece is amazing.

I've always had an attraction to deep sea stuff, and this drawing is rather relaxing. The bottom sand blends in with the water rather nicely, and the little school in the background sets up the atmosphere of the piece very well.

Anyway, the shark. It's excellent, it seems to me that each time I see it, I appreciate it more. The blue/white border gives it a lot of depth and dimension. My favourite part is the light beams, it fits so well with the sea theme.

gewd jerb

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Awwww thanks :)


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